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You will be amazed by your own capacity to heal, recover and achieve a new level of health. Many people come to us for help with their pain or dysfunction, yet discover that many other areas of their health improve as well. While there are more than 65,000 Chiropractors in the world, less than .03% has the specialized training and education to provide the Upper Cervical Care you will experience at our clinic.


You will experience the highest quality spinal care without any cracking, twisting or popping. Our care is safe, gentle, painless, and may be a solution to your problem, when even drugs, surgery, or other forms of chiropractic have failed. The precision we use allows us to work smarter, not harder. We are so gentle, we are even perfect for infants and newborns.


In addition to experiencing the highest quality spinal care, you will also experience impeccable service. We are dedicated to providing you with a positive patient experience, excellent personal service and genuine compassion. We help people like you to improve their health and well-being with each visit–all necessary to the healing process–allowing us to take part in chiropractic miracles that bless, fulfill, and humble our hearts.

What Our Patients Think of Us:

I have struggled with back and neck pain for many years. I have spent a lot of time and money going to different chiropractors but have gotten little relief. My brother told me about Dr Ingalls and NUCCA. I was very skeptical but since my brother was doing so well, I decided to try it. Dr Ingalls did a great job explaining NUCCA so I could understand how it worked. After just a few visits, I felt better than I had in years! My back and neck pain was gone. The best part was that I didn’t even have to get my back or neck cracked to feel so good. I continue to see Dr Ingalls monthly and I feel great! Seeing Dr Ingalls has become a family affair as our parents now see him too. I highly recommend Dr Ingalls! He is passionate about caring for his patients and their overall health. - Tammy P.

If anyone is suffering from chronic pain or sports/work injuries or just feel like something isn’t quite right with your alignment, take the time to visit with Dr. Ingalls at Genesis Family Chiropractic.

I suffered from severe and debilitating pain from an accident that caused the curve in my neck to be completely reversed for 20 years and I am so happy to finally say I am living almost 100% pain free.

I used to barely be able to get through a 6 hour day at work and was to the point of ending my career.

I felt hopeless and all I could do was think of how bad the pain was. There were days I would spend hours on end icing, rubbing, reflexology, pills, and even tens units.

I am so relieved to say I can finally focus on being the mom and the artist I’ve been working so hard on becoming thanks to Dr. Ingalls. - Brittany Y.

I have suffered from migraines for years. I am on one of the strongest migraine meds out there as well as a migraine preventative. I have tried BOTOX, acupuncture, massage, and various chiropractors. I have spent several nights in the hospital, and have been to the ER countless times for shots for pain. I am allowed 12 Zomig (a powerful migraine medicine) a month. I cannot have more because of a fear of rebound headaches. I was introduced to Dr. Ingalls by a friend, but because I had tried so many things in the past, I was reluctant to give myself hope of anything else working. I had taken 7 of my 12 migraine pills in a row and had over 20 days until I could get more. I saw Dr. Ingalls, and he did X rays and measurements. I'll be honest, I left his office thinking he and this process was insane! I went back for my first adjustment the next day which was now 8 days of straight migraines. After my first adjustment and continued treatment with Dr. Ingalls over the past 3 months, I went from having daily migraines, to averaging 1 to 2 migraines a month. I literally had tried everything, and am now a true believer in NUCCA and Dr. Ingalls healing hands! - Angie W.

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